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Ottawa County Taxation Lawyer

The Benefit Of Consulting With An Attorney: Privileged And Confidential

Many people turn to commercial tax services or accountants for their tax needs. However, there is a major drawback to doing so: the information you tell them will not be privileged and confidential. By contrast, when you consult with a tax attorney, everything you say will be protected by the highest privilege in law. This means your attorney cannot be compelled to reveal what you disclosed even in a courtroom. That is not the case for other tax professionals.


Take advantage of these powerful legal protections by consulting with a tax lawyer. To arrange a free initial consultation, contact me.

Professional Tax Preparation With Fast Turnaround

I am John A. Brikmanis, a professional taxation attorney serving Ottawa County and the surrounding areas. With more than 23 years of experience, I provide knowledgeable and accessible client service. I will meet with you face to face and address your concerns.

I provide personalized legal assistance for all aspects of tax law, including:

  • Returns for individuals, businesses and fiduciaries
  • Electronic filings
  • Federal and state tax returns
  • Ongoing tax counsel for businesses, including partnerships, corporations and LLCs
  • Filing returns for those who have not filed taxes for years
  • Disputes with the IRS
  • Tax court
  • Tax appeals

I can prepare individual and business tax returns in all 50 states. For most tax returns, I offer a swift, one-day turnaround.


Even if you have failed to file taxes for years, don't panic; I can help. The good news is that, in many cases, you may still end up with a tax refund.

Contact A Tax Appeal Attorney · Serving Sandusky County, Ottawa County And Surrounding Areas

For a free consultation with an experienced tax lawyer in Oak Harbor, Ohio, call John A. Brikmanis Law at 419-898-0000. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Additionally, I accept all major credit cards.

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